License Plate Recognition

Problem Statement:

Our country is one where the condition of roads is pathetic, where the numbers of vehicles on the roads is continuously on the rise. It is very difficult to maintain traffic discipline and enforce fines on people who do not follow the rules and regulations stated by the government. With our low traffic police strength, it is difficult to monitor all the vehicles and ensure safe and disciplined driving. It even becomes difficult to track a stolen vehicle.


License Plate Recognition using machine learning is the best way for solving this problem. A camera which can detect and capture license plate is placed on top of the police cars. When daily rounds of checking assigned areas is done the cars licence plate is detected and required action is taken. If a car is parked in a No Parking Zone then the License plate is detected automatically and the owner is charged with a challan. This is applicable in situations of triple riding also. In case of a stolen vehicle the number plate is scanned automatically and sent to the control room based upon which actions are taken to retrieve the vehicle.