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All about myself

I am thrilled that you made time to know about me. To start off with, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice-Cream”, Ice-Cream is my valentine, it is something I can’t live without. People call me a photo freak as I try to capture every moment and everything that fascinates me. I am an avid traveler and an adventure seeker. A very approachable and garrulous person so never hesitate to break the ice. So, this is all about me “Shruthi Gutta"


Reason behind

We live in a world which takes a new shape everyday with many people trying to sculpt it into a place where we can live very comfortably. So to squeeze my way into this technologically advanced society I wanted to build a unique skill set. In this process I came across IoT and got to know the true power of what it can do. So I started off by reading a few articles, browsing the Internet and by going through all the material that I had access to on this topic. Soon I realized that whatever I had gone through is all scrambled without any path connecting each other. Then I came up with the idea of connecting all these dots and making a path for my juniors with all the knowledge I have on IoT.

They say that the sky is the limit but in IoT these is no sky, the only limit is your imagination.

My Future Works

I also want to bring an easy guide on Machine Learning for the freshers, so I am working on it.

I would like to thank the Director, Dr. Jandhyala N Murthy and Principal, Dr. J Praveen of Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology for giving me an opportunity to publish this book through this esteemed institution.

It gives me immense pleasure to express my deep sense of gratitude and respect to Dean of AAC, Dr. Rama Murthy Suri for infusing confidence through his encouragement and guidance. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for his valuable suggestions.

I extend my gratitude to thank all the staff of GRIET and AAC as each one of them spent their valuable time encouraging me.