Dr.S.N.Narahari Pandit hails from a traditional Brahmin's family in mysore that specializes in Ayurvedic medicine formulations. Born on 12th jan 1935,Dr.Pandit had his school and college education in mysore.
He achieved his M.Sc.(statistics) from mysore university and Ph.D in statistics from IIT Kharagpur in 1962.He was the founder head of the statistics department in Dibrugarh University, Assam. Subsequently he served Osmania University, Central University of Hyderabad and NIT Warangal, Dr.Pandit was a visiting professor in 2003-04 ehen he had motivated faculty towards research.
Dr.Pandit gave the idea of ‘Advanced Academic Center’ in 2004 is a forum to generate creative ideas involving faculty and students. Dr.Pandit was a versatile scholar with a deep knowledge of statistical Pattern recognition , discrete optimization, projective geometry an approximation theory , to mentor few.
Dr.Pandit has supervised 35 Ph.D scholars in variety of domains. He was the founder director of Center Of Quantitative Methods at Osmania University.

Dr.Satteluri R.K.Iyengar

Dr.S.R.K.Iyengar was professor at IIT Delhi in the department of Mathematics for over 38 years.Born in 1941,Dr.Iyengar has M.A,M.Tech and Ph.D degrees to his credit.
Dr.Iyengar worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Oxford University Computing Laborator,U.K. He had been on the visiting faculty at the University of Mosul,Iraq and a visiting fellow at the university of Sankatchenam,Cannada.He is the author of over half a dozen text books,which have won industrial acclaims.He has supervised several doctoral thesis. Dr.Iyengar specialized in Numerical Analysis and has contributed immensely to the development of several path breaking algorithms.
He has varied academic interests which include modeling dynamical systems and parallel computing.He has vast administration experience while at IIT Delhi.This includes Head of the Mathematics department and chairman,JEE.
Dr.Iyengar served GRIET between 2004 to 2012 with distinction. he brought in good academic culture in the institute. he was the first Dean,Academic Affairs at GRIET. Dr. Iyengar played a significant role in designing a world clan curriculum in mathematics when the institute become autonomous. Dr.Iyengar is one of the pillars of Advanced Academic Center at GRIET along with DR.S.N.N.Pandit.

Dr Ramamurthy Suri
Associate Dean, GRIET

Dr.Ramamurthy Suri, Professor of Mathematics, completed his Ph.D. from JNTUH, Hyderabad. He has over 22 years of academic experience. His Ph.D. work on Approximation theory was supervised by Prof.S.N.Narahari Pandit, a renowned statistician. He holds a post graduate degree in Mathematics, prior to which he acquired his B.SC.(Hons) degree from Osmania University, majoring in Mathematics.
Dr.Suri’s research interests include developing algorithms to parametrize curves and surfaces using a novel matrix calculus and Pattern Recognition using Statistical techniques. He has published his works in about 10 research journals.
Dr.Suri has vast administrative experience which includes his present stint as Vice Principal at GRIET for the past 11 years. He has also held position as Head of the Department for 15 years. He has been Chairman, Board of studies for the faculty of Mathematics at GRIET for 2 terms. He was also on the board of studies for Mathematics at JNTUH in the year 2016. He was the founder head of the department of Basic Sciences at GRIET.
Dr.Suri has been the founder Chairman of Advanced Academic Center (AAC) at GRIET for the past 10 years. The vision of this center is to make students at the entry level of B.Tech. to think originally, motivate them to work on concepts beyond academics and encourage teaching skills. This center has made a mark with scientific establishments like NRSC(ISRO) and IICT(CSIR) inviting senior students of GRIET to work on major projects in their labs. AAC has enabled GRIET sign an MOU with NRSC for academic joint research projects.
Dr.Suri is a regular visiting faculty at the Institution of Engineers(India), Hyderabad where he delivers specialized talks in applied mathematics to senior technician members of the IEI.

Yelma Chethan Reddy
4th year ECE, GRIET

I belong to GRIET-AAC(2016-2020)batch. I understand AAC as an interdisciplinary research centre. I hereby find students with consistent discipline. I am adept at learning new technical concepts and their productive utilisation. I would like to align myself with a reliable company where I can create a positive change. You might find me as an embedded vision engineer in the mere future. I have a dream to be hired by Amazon. You could consider me as a "forever student" because I'm eager to build my academic foundation with latest digital strategies through continued coursework and professional development. I spend most of my time exploring technologies. I believe that mindfulness in workplace is the key to success. I live out this through my interest in yoga, horseriding, boxing, and watching movies. I am currently working on an AI powered drone at AAC with my profound dedication. I always look forward to expand my knowledge and undertake challenging projects. I give preference to thought process rather than coding level. I choose to enjoy what I do. If I didn't like it, I would quit. I thank my parents for giving me so much freedom. I also thank my supportive teachers and friends.

Srikanth reddy
4th year ECE, GRIET

I belong to AAC – GRIET (2016 -2020) batch. I discern AAC as an arena where one can explore different technologies and find their field of research. I hereby find students working in teams and building their ideas with immense discussions for innovative outcomes. I always look for working with enthusiastic group or people on any challenging technical project or entrepreneurial activity. I found my interest towards Data analytics, web development and Image processing. I believe self-discipline is equally important as the knowledge and skills we possess.And I also found myself passionate about exploring and working on technologies.I’m currently working on Indoor Positioning System, to map each and every corner in an indoor space.

Jeripeti Bheema Venkata Prasad Raju
4th year ECE, GRIET

I belong to GRIET-AAC(2016-2020) batch .I understand AAC as "Interdisciplinary research centre", where I find students with discipline and passion, working on different projects.I am good at learning new technical concepts and implementing it in a productive manner . I am looking for an opportunity to work in a company where I can improve my skills and be an integral part in positive changes in the company .There is a possibility that you may find me as an embedded or communication engineer in the mere future . I consider myself as a student,eager to learn new technologies . I spend my time in exploring new technologies and playing cricket . I am that kind of a person who believes that one should work with atmost dedication and passion . I am currently working on a emotion based music player using ML at AAC . I am interested in undertaking challenging projects . I thank my parents,teachers and my friends for their support.

Desharaju Nagapavan
4th year ECE, GRIET

I be a member of AAC- GRIET (2016-2020) batch. As name suggests AAC find students to work on inter-disciplinary projects leading to out of the box thinking. I find the students with high knowledge and practical analysis at AAC. I can easily adapt myself to grasp new technical and logical concepts and utilize in an effectual manner. I further searching for an opportunity to expand my knowledge in effective way and also helps to build my technical and logical thinking. I believe in myself where I can create a dynamic change through implementing my ideas confidently. I am currently working on AI powered DRONE at AAC. There is a possibility that you may find me as a drone developer in the mere future. I consider myself as a worthwhile student to both academic foundation and building my latest digital marketing strategies. I don’t believe in sequence of commands in a code rather than I believe in math and logic behind code and thought process. Currently I’m searching for an opportunity where I can work with a team and explore my ideas with transparent communication. I spend a lot of time in traversing new technologies. I'm looking forward to learn more and open for any kind of challenging projects. I thank my college for giving such a platform where I can prove myself.

Anoop BSVS
4th year ECE, GRIET

I belong to GRIET-AAC (2016-2020) batch. I understand AAC as “interdisciplinary research Centre”, I find students with discipline and consistency at AAC. I love constantly learning new thinks that build my technical skills as well as my personality. I am a quick learner and always try to analyze the situation and use my skills to solve the problem in the best way possible. I like working in a team, as I believe that the team atmosphere will always help you to learn more and bring the best out of you. I spend a lot of time in exploring new technologies. I believe that right attitude towards the work is paramount and help us to attain greater heights. I spend most of my leisure times being on outdoors and exploring new things. I am currently working on two machine learning projects. I am looking to learn more and take up challenging projects with alacrity. I always enjoy what I do. I express my gratitude to everyone who helped me and guided to become what I am today and thank my parents, faculty and friends who are always encouraging.

Rohit Chindam
4th year CSE, GRIET

I belong to GRIET (2016-2020) batch. I consider AAC as a platform where we can explore different technologies beyond our academic limitations. And it also gives a chance to work with highly qualified mentors. It encourages students to guide projects in their field of interest who are fashionate about sharing their knowledge. I am passionate to work with different technologies and to build real world applications. I had explored technologies like Internet of things, Full Stack Development and Drones. And i am always ready to adopt any kind of Technologies. At present I am working on drone building from scratch using Nvidia Jetson.

Keerthana Pulipalupula
4th year ECE, GRIET

I have been a part of the GRIET-AAC, a student’s body dealing with freshmen students, for almost 4 years.Belonging to 2016-2020 batch and being in the final year with spending ample amount of time in GRIET-AAC, I understand AAC as “Interdisciplinary Research Centre”. Leadership, Patience and Creativity would define my strengths that I developed during my course in the last 3 years. Having this attitude, I have remained successful in bringing together a team which is efficient enough and has adequate knowledge to work with the new scientific upcoming courses like IoT , Machine Learning and Deep Learning, till date. I firmly believe that I have been a successful mentor to my fellow juniors in assist them in all ways possible. Along with having an impressive academic record, I have maintained tabs on all the crucial changes related to political and environmental fields that have come up in the society, so far. The ultimate goal I’m currently striving towards is to make the world a better place to live in, with new advancements in technology. And to begin with I am aiming to serve in the Civil Services as my next step towards achieving my ultimate goal. I feel and believe at the same time that I can do much more for the society. As of now, I am handling a project on a self-driven car which runs on Image processing and Machine learning. I love exploring the latest scientific inventions in the field of AI/ML and I do spend a lot of time reading and researching for the same. On another note, I am a fitness freak and I enjoy watching movies. However, I consider that the qualities I possess and developed over my course here, have enhanced my personality both personally and professionally. I am really grateful and feel responsible with a desire to study with endorsements from my parents and beloved ones.

Alence Abhinay Gopaldas
4th year ECE, GRIET

I belong to GRIET-AAC (2016-2020) batch. I understand AAC as “interdisciplinary research Centre”, I find students with discipline and consistency at AAC. I Adopt myself at grasping new and innovative concepts quickly & utilizing it in a productive manner. I am looking for an opportunity to work with a team that runs on clear communication. I spend a lot of time in exploring new things . I live out through interests in Gym and movies. I also believe that being a workaholic really helps to climb the pole. Love being outdoor and socializing. I prefer group works and intend to organise, but sometimes I also prefer doing things on my own. I am currently working on project at AAC. I am always looking to learn more and I am open to take more challenging projects. I do believe in thought process rather than the level of coding. I always enjoy what I do and I quit when I do not like. I thank my parents for giving such a freedom, my teachers for the knowledge and my friends for being always supportive and encouraging.