Problem Statement:

In home automation, for instance, an individual triggers the computer vision when she walks into a room, causing the system to turn on the lights, and adjust the room temperature. the facial features of specific family members activate certain experiences that each family member likes, based on the behavior history. For instance, if the family member has turned the room temperature to a certain level in the past, the system will adjust the thermostat when that person enters the room.

An touch free gesture control where users will be able to directly control the device(TV,laptop,etc) from a distance using hand gestures, with the software embedded into the device’s existing built-in camera.


Using computer vision the Touch-free software should be capable of finger tracking, hand tracking and recognizing universal hand signs (wave, shush, etc.), and hand swipes. The computer vision application is also capable of face detection, face identification, face count, gender detection, age estimation, and presence detection. By using the user data we can recommend some suitable environment .