by July 20,2019



Automation is the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically. We automate things for more efficient use of materials and for improved safety because of that now a days everyone wants to automate their home so that they can control their home appliances using mobile application or web application to save time and energy. But the cost of smart electronic gadgets like smart bulb is pretty higher. So we have come up with a website from which we can control our home appliances from anywhere. As if we can control our fans, lights and also we can know about our room temperature and humidity. In order to implement, we are making the existing bulbs and fans automated using a micro controller and a WIFI module. We will provide a website where the user can login and control his/her home appliances from anywhere. We will store the information regarding all the operations performed after logging into the website. We will a install a LM35 temperature sensor at users' home so that based on the room temperature we can suggest the user to do some specified operations to maintain a consistent room temperature. We will be developing the website by using HTML, JAVA Script, CSS and Node js, Mongo DB.


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Nitish peddireddy
Rohith Akuthota