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Akhil SaiRam K.V

Aluminus, GRIET

AAC, a really good place to start off to know the industry and getting ready for it. You can have a clear mindset on what skills you are good at and keep excelling them. Not just the learning part but the whole experience of doing something in groups and working together to achieve it will develop your character.

Dr. Jandhyala N Murthy

Director, GRIET

AAC provides ambience for the fresh engineering student to open up and expand their limits of knowledge.

Dr J Praveen

Principal, GRIET

AAC has evolved as a hub to develop innovative projects on various domains and current technologies like AI, IOT, Drones and many more..

M.G Sekharam

Cheif Administrative Officer, GRIET

AAC of GRIET has been at the forefront of making the students as fullfledge technologists & scientists by the time they leave GRIET. AAC is exposing the students to the frontier areas of technologies thereby making the students ready for the technological world. AAC also build the capabilities like creative thinking, planning, conceptualizing , execution of innovative projects, etc., among the students. This makes students ready for the rigorous working life after college. I wish the Dean AAC & all the students of AAC great success in all their future endeavors.



AAC is offering a blend of learning , amusement and integration of enduring principles. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students.



The Advanced Academic Center (AAC) established in GRIET catering to both students and faculty broke all barriers and ensured cooperative working between students hailing from diverse disciplines. It lends a pressure-free working environment for the students which triggers out-of-box thinking leading to creative ideas and thereby their implementation.



Advanced Academic Center of the college is doing tremendously well in encouraging students towards doing innovative projects. The entire department is working towards a particular goal in a similar direction to do socially beneficial projects.

Dr.V.Mallikarjuna Reddy


AAC is an excellent platform which is training students in order to make them skillful and is extremely good in providing the students with valuable experiences by engaging them into problem solving projects involving latest technologies. It is also promoting opportunities for leadership among student body members.

Dr.B.Srinivas Rao


Advanced Academic Centre provides a platform for Inter-Disciplinary Research where all levels of students can explore for new ideas and involve in research from the very beginning of their under-graduation program. It is the place where faculty and students share their ideas and do research in the thrust areas of science, engineering and technology.

Dr.Arvind Vishnubhatla

Professor, ECE-GRIET

The AAC center believes in adapting new technologies concepts & utilizing them in productive manner. Students here get sound exposure in product development and quality software development. They also gain the abilities in undertaking R&D initiators.


Professor, ECE-GRIET

AAC is doing extremely well in providing experience in genuine problem-solving procedures for the students from the early stage of technical education itself. AAC is contributing to the total educational growth of all students in the college and is encouraging students for involving in learning and thinking.

Dr.B.Ramakrishna Reddy

Professor, BSH-GRIET

I strongly believe that AAC is one of the best committees which is serving as a bridge between the students, committee and the faculty. The committee is doing extremely well in helping the students realize their true potentials. AAC is always filled with positive energy and exuberance.


Professor, BSH-GRIET

AAC,an undergraduate research centre at GRIET,caters to enhanced students learning, higher Critical thinking, Creativity, problem solving and understanding of research methodology.It is a centre for interdisciplanary reaserch having tie-ups with other research orginizations.The center enables students to enhance their knowledge, writing skills, research ability and also boost their confidence.Basic reasearch experince at this early stage helps students to write authentic and orginal research papers at advanced levels.

Dr.Ram Subbiah

Associate Professor, ME-GRIET

Students here, have good background knowledge and are very motivated, interested and eager to learn more, which makes it a pleasure to guide them. Students with lot of interests explore new fields in order to get a broader perspective and bring together new ideas and methods in order to solve interesting problems. Altogether AAC is an excellent educational initiative which, I warmly welcome every year and i feel this is the best teaching based learning education were students will learn more things practically.

R.Anil Kumar

Asst. Professor, EEE-GRIET

In AAC, students have kept their endless efforts in gathering the information from various sources to find out the societal problems faced in present society. The effort kept by students shows their enthusiasm towards the “Problem Identifying”, “Gathering Information” and “Working in Team”.


Asst. Professor, ME-GRIET

AAC is a platform to new emerging projects just as a startup for first year students. With specialized lectures in the college time on various fields of science and technology, it provides a great opportunity for students to advance their thinking capabilities. It guides them through the path of learning and helps them find innovative solutions to real world problems.

D.Suresh Kumar

Asst. Professor, ME-GRIET

AAC has been helping many students for career growth. It is a Centre which believes in creating projects drawn upon the insights of specialized research. AAC focuses on developing an environment where students can get hands on experience in working in various fields.

>V.Venkata Siva Reddy

Asst. Professor, CE-GRIET

Advanced Academic Center is the right place for students who are interested in doing projects and learning new things in their interested areas. It was a pleasant experience guiding projects under AAC. It’s also a great source of learning new things.

C. Vivek Kumar

Asst. Professor, CE-GRIET

It has always been a great pleasure working for AAC. Students interest, dedication towards learning advance technologies beyond academics to solve complex problems is highly appreciable. It serves as a great helping hand to students in implementing innovative ideas and building prototypes.

G.Pradeep Reddy

Asst. Professor, ECE-GRIET

The happenings going on in AAC always elate me. It's a wonderful opportunity to work with students and guide them through the right path. I'm always interested in helping students and always look forward to such opportunities.

Ome Nerella

Asst. Professor, ECE-GRIET

AAC creates an environment where faculty with intellect and focussed students come together to solve society related problems. The Students of AAC Community come from different academic backgrounds sharing their passion for learning and creating new solutions.

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