Machine Learning in a NutShell Book Published by AAC students

Machine Learning is slanting far and wide into almost everything. While we shop, search, work, and travel, our decisions, and our choices are learned by a machine to provide us with finer experiences. Machine Learning in a nutshell furnishes the reader with the entire pre-requisites essential to apply ML on a real-life complication. The implications of ML on industries, professions, and workforce are considered miraculous. This book comprises of clear explanations of core algorithms, their respective python codes, and the code explanations, along with the visual examples to make it convenient and engaging to follow for absolute beginners. The whole book is bestowed on the best interest of the reader. It helps one understand machine learning algorithms simply and completely and assists the person in solving a challenging problem to make a better living. Starting from the importance of data in machine learning the book provides all the minutest details of algorithms, their corresponding codes, and mathematics. The book contains some simple yet potential ideas which will seize the reader’s mind and keep them absorbed. The book includes basic block diagrams and graphs that help in easy interpretation.

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