by july 20,2019

Online Faculty Staff Directory for Multi University

Shubham Gupta

Online faculty directory enables user to effortlessly view college/university faculty details. Student can simply view different college/university faculty details anywhere required at any time as this application is handy. This system is built with effective graphical user interface which enables user openness. User can search faculty details and view their particular details such as name, department, courses, area of expertise, and professional interest. This system reduced time and cost of user. Here there are two entities who will access this system i.e. admin and student. Admin is authorized to add and manage all the faculty details. User doesnt require any registration or login to access this system. User can directly search for faculty and view their details. Data in database are maintained securely without any maintenance cost. The technology used is Web development. We are using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap for designing and front end. Basic PHP and database management through the local server or cloud. The two phases of the project I.e the administrator and the User interface. In the administrator interface the person is allowed to add the details of faculty or the staff member. The user interface allows the person to view the data of the lecturer or faculty as per their wish.