Completed on 7th March 2004

Object Identification in Digital Images

Dr. S. Ramamurthy

The field of image processing and scene analysis is one of the largest branches of pattern recognition, and has numerous practical applications. In this project the input is a digital image. The aim of the project is to identify the image regions of our interest and isolate that region. The difficult aspect of the project is to write the algorithms, which can automatically isolate the region from the background. This generic aspect of the project i.e.,Object and Image identification is pursued on different problem areas in varied application fields. These problem areas may be as varied as Medicine(anemia,leukemia),Remote Sensing(Satellite Images) or simple text detection. Specifically dealt with extracting text from a board with a different background scenario. For this the board is to be automatically detected.


R. Kalyan Chakravarthy
Ramarao Gattamaneni
R. Vijay Maruthy rao