Completed on 15th April 2017

Drafting of Bench Vice and Drilling Machine

Mr. K. Vijay Kumar

A vice, a common mechanical device that is used to hold a workpiece stationary, is an integral tool in many wood working and meal working applications. Bench vise, in particular, attach directly to a workbench to hold the workpiece during operations such as sawing, planning, and drilling. A bench vise itself consists of several components. The elements of the vise responsible for holding a workpiece are called jaws. A set of jaws, one fixed and one moving parallel to the other, secures mechanism, which moves one jaw in toward the other until they tightly fasten upon the workpiece. Drilling machine, also known as drill presses, are used for drilling different sized holes in a variety of materials at many different depths. It is a necessary tool in many types of industrial jobs and can perform several other functions aside from drilling.


Bhanu Prakash Kandula
Pendli Sri Charan
Lakshmi Deepak Tadepalli
Are Swathi
Bandarupally Vamshi Krishna