AAC Recruitment Drive


The candidate should register himself/herself through the self-registration desk at RoomNo.3307 by entering necessary details. The registration fee of Rs.250/- can be paid through cash or any online mode. An acknowledgement will be sent by the end of the day on successful registration.


The online test will be conducted .
Part I: Mathematics - 50%
Part II: Aptitude - 35%
Part III: Puzzles, Brain Teasers and English - 15%


An assessment on research done.Here, the candidate is expected to provide an assessment which would give them an insight on how they work and would reflect the candidate’s views.As the technology around us is advancing having good basics in mathematics, statistics, will keep one agile enough to adapt to the advances in technology.
This would be beneficial for them greatly as they will be posed with many challenges throughout the course of their project.


Technical interviews aren’t there to throw impossible questions at you, but rather to assess the extent of your technical knowledge an to gauge how you think..It would help you analyze how to look at a problem, go on about solving it and communicate your thoughts during the interview