by july 20,2019

Smart Pass Box Controller

BSVS Anoop
Rekandar David Livingston

Pass box is one kind of facilities, which located on partition walls of clean room and its function shall be a buffer area for transferring goods between inside and outside of clean room. So that, it can prevent any disturbance of airflow and air pressure in cleanroom, which can be caused by the door opening for goods transferring. Furthermore, it can reduce the time from operators moving in and out, to prevent any dust coming from the out regions. So there is one interlock guard system controlled the inlet and the outlet of Pass Box not be opened at the same time, in order to prevent the cross contamination. Pass Box is equipped with the UV lamp which is used for sterilization/bacteria control. Pass box is provided with two interlocked doors, when one door is open the other door cannot be open, in this way it prevents the direct contact between the connected areas. A Reliable Interlock System prevents the two opposite doors of the Pass Box from being opened at the same time, to maintain the stability of the Cleanroom atmosphere. In this project we try to develop our own Pass Box controller by using Embedded Systems and IOT. This controller is made automatic with the help of a motion sensor .we design a pcb board using some softwares like Eagle,Easy EDA etc.


Krishna mithra
Sai Teja