Traffic Congestion

Problem Statement:

Traffic congestion has been one of the fundamental problems faced by modern cities since the wide usage of automobiles. Just a normal few minutes trip to the convenience store may take up to half an hour due to traffic jam or slowdown. According to the police, congestions are actually the causes of some issues like road rage, road bullies and major accidents.�Traffic congestion is also caused due to the unplanned developments on roads.


The problem of traffic congestion can be solve by creating a software which creates a virtual situation off a particular junction or place based upon the data. We can make the required changes to the virtual road map and check out the outcomes off the developments which are planned. The software displays the no of accident which have taken place earlier in a particular place and it should also predict the improvement or deuteriation if the development takes place. It also predicts the graphical data of the situation analysis after the development has taken place.