Vehicle Predictive Analysis

Problem Statement:

Different types of vehicles are used by people for different purposes. Many operations happening in today’s world are completely dependent on transportation services which in turn result in excessive use of vehicles. This surging need of vehicles makes it important that the vehicles must be in proper condition and functioning as expected. This is not as easy as it sounds, as regularly scheduled maintenance may not be enough to keep them in good form during active operation. Regular use of vehicles also results in unexpected vehicle parts failure.


To prevent untimely vehicle failures we can use Predictive analytics to minimize vehicle malfunction and failure during operations. Data like mileage, speed variation etc. are collected from different vehicles using sensors and stored. Based upon this data maintenance schedules are suggested and a future damage is also predicted. This is known as predictive maintenance. Data collection may vary from vehicle to vehicle, ranging from bespoke sensors to tell-tale signs given off by the vehicles that largely go unnoticed.