by july 20,2019

Website for learning and performing final accounting

Yerubandi Sai SriRam

Final accounts gives an idea about the profitabilitty and financial position of a business to its management, owners, and other interested parties. All business transactions are first recorded in a journal. They are then transferred to a ledger and balanced. These final tallies are prepared for a specific period. The preparation of a final accounting is the last stage of the accounting cycle. It determines the financial position of the business. Under this it is compulsory to make trading account, the profit and loss account and balance sheet. A website on final accounting will provide an opportunity to the users to learn and perform final accounting with the help of trail balance possessed by the user.This make the job simple and will allow the user to know about the situation of business if it exists(in case of real time)and also helps the learners to perform final accounting on the example trail balance. The website is developed using HTML,CSS and java script.The design itself is very convincing to make the interface user-friendly and will not lead to any ambiguity in the course of learning or performing final accounting.


Mekala Keerthana Reddy
Hashmeet Kaur
Bheemisetty Venkata Sai Suhas